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Kim Sieb

Holistic Educator 

9.22.18  LR Amazing Day with Kim and Rac

Kim is a passionate steward of Northern Arizona and the Colorado Plateau. With over fifteen years of experience in outdoor and environmental education, Kim is well-versed in sharing meaningful experiences with people of all ages and backgrounds. She specializes in youth engagement and creating connections between people and the place. As a former Interpretive Park Ranger living at Grand Canyon, she feels that the desert landscape is a powerful teacher of contemplation, observation, and reflection; she creates opportunities to invite such experiences on tour.  With degrees in Environmental Studies and Holistic Health, she shares her passion and knowledge in both as it relates to the area and the interests of the group.

Kim is a certified 500 Hr. Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, and Healer trained in various modalities. Her holistic approach utilizes ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures of the Americas and ancient practices of the East with current understandings of science and psychology. Her tours offer insights into the ethnobotanical use of plants as well as the area’s natural and human history with stories in stone millions of years old.


*Kim is available for tours to Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Native American Ruins, and Sedona. She can help you create a customizable “mindfulness-based” experience including yoga hikes and spiritual hiking tours in Sedona. Please call to inquire about the Sedona tours, as we work with a partnering company for scheduling.

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