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A winter storm leaves much needed snow in the historic town of Jerome Arizona..jpg

Jerome Ghost Town

Before the mine closed in 1929, Jerome was a bustling and wild city of over 15,000 people. It was where fortunes were made and then suddenly and with out much forewarning a total collapse. It is still considered to be one of the wealthiest and wildest cities in the Wild West. In 1929 when the stock market crashed, the mine went bust, plunging the population to about 500 people almost overnight. In the 1950’s, Jerome was nearly deserted except for 2 hermits living in the ruins.


Today, Jerome has made a remarkable come back with a bustling arts community, spectacular scenery a collection of eccentric shops and wine tasting rooms. The evidence of Jerome’s mining days is everywhere. Giant pieces of equipment lay on the hillsides preserved by the dry arid conditions, while a new culture is thriving in its ashes. 

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