Grand Canyon Sunset Tour

Few things in life are as inspiring as the sunset over Grand Canyon. The ephemeral beauty the sunset lasts only for moments as the lingering light fades into the clouds. Suites of classical music and famous works of art have tried to capture the emotion of the canyon at twilight, but nothing compares to the view itself.


With the setting of the sun, it is equally spectacular to watch the full moon rise over the canyon walls. We will have several options for locations depending on the light and the conditions of the day. The tour includes a late lunch or early dinner depending on the time of the year. Our sunsets range from around 5pm in late December, to 7:45pm in late June. Please keep in mind the dates that you are looking to book and dress accordingly for the weather and the drastic temperature drop when the sun sets.


This tour is weather dependent and is not guaranteed to produce a spectacular sunset every night. But there’s a good chance it will be spectacular.


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