Tour The Grand Canyon

277 miles long, 18 miles across, over a mile deep, the Grand Canyon is like nowhere on earth. The expanse is overwhelming, absolutely astonishing, magnificent and timeless; any description would do it injustice. Vast empty space fills the canyon walls and echo’s the sunlight off red sandstone cliff faces into small canyons, many which remain untouched by any known human. Spectacular, emotional, grandiose, inspirational, every day is uniquely memorable.


We will view class five rapids from the canyon rim and stand in the presence of 3,000 ft walls known as the Desert Palisades. We will stand in the footsteps of iconic figures like Theodore Roosevelt, Mary Colter and the Conquistadores. We will see wildlife, recent fossils and some of the oldest rocks on earth, dating back over 1.8 billion years.


We will attempt to capture the same famous vistas that Thomas Moran painted in the late 1800’s, at the same spot. There will be many opportunities to walk or take photos throughout the day. This trip is completely customizable to make this day one that you will fondly remember for the rest of your life.


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