Tour Native American Ruins

The land is enchanted here in Northern Arizona. From the sacred San Francisco Peaks to the Little Colorado River, the land speaks from a time when the earth’s wisdom was absolute. In just 125 years primitive culture thousands of years unchanged were forced to adapt to today's western culture.


Today we will explore old ruins of the past with tales of archeo-astronomy, predicting the changing seasons for their agrarian based society. Then go visit a historic trading post that has been doing business with locals and travelers for over 100 years. On our way back, we will make one final stop at Walnut Canyon to look at ruins of the Sinagua people. Arizona is an enchanted land with a rich and deep cultural heritage.


We will visit spectacular canyons and little volcanoes that make you feel even smaller on this grand adventure. Our goal is for everyone to walk away from this tour feeling a little more connected to this land and the desire to protect our sacred places.