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Cameron and tour vehicle


Tour Guide

My name is Cameron and I am a guide for Northern Arizona. I am a native fourth generation Arizonan. My great grandfather was a rancher in the Bradshaw Mountains just outside of Prescott, Arizona. I have traveled far away from Arizona, following my heart, only to be lead back home to familiar landscapes of Arizona. I love it here in the Southwest. I love the little details about the wildlife, the Aspens and the Ponderosa Pine that makes up our forests.


My grandmother was a professor and researcher of geology and paleontology for many years of her life. I was lucky as a child to be brought up in to that world, getting to go on many field trips with her. I went to college in Flagstaff and first majored in Astronomy and Physics working in astronomy as a part time cataloger for an astronomic research team called N-Stars. I loved astronomy but, I changed my major to Hotel and Restaurant Management because I wanted more flexibility in my future life. I wanted to travel and I feel switching to Hospitality opened many positive doors for me. I enjoy what I do.


My heart is in Flagstaff, it's been my home over the past 10 years. I always keep coming back for the lands, the history, the Grand Canyon, the stoic geology with its Wingate and Navajo sandstone. I'm excited to show off my back yard!

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